Google Operations Centre (GOC) celebrates 1 year on Digibox

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GOC turned a year old and wanted to connect with all it’s team members for an evening of motivation and engagement.

The Challenge

  • A platform to engage it’s participants
  • A live stream with a celebrity
  • Only certain domain emails to be registered

On August 8th, GOC wanted to bring 1100 of its participants onto a single platform where they could engage with a couple of interactive experiences and tune in to listen to a a celebrity for a very motivational talk.

The Solution

Using DigiBox’s multiple modules, we were able to create a platform for all participants to register with an OTP, engage with a Bingo Card game and a Vision wall. And chat with their colleagues while they listened to a celebrity. The vision wall was a feature where users could contribute a word that got embedded into a 3D version of the GOC logo for everyone to see. Live stream came with a chat feature where the users could express their emotions and gratitude to the speaker. The platform managed 1100+ users across the 3 experiences over a 2 hour event.

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