Herbalife’s first AR product launch

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If things around were normal, Herbalife would have gathered their members at a gala event to launch their new product, the Shakemate. Considering the challenges, they launched their product virtually, which was managed by Wizcraft International.

The Challenge

  • Simulate a product launch
  • Create excitement around the product
  • Encourage interaction to access product details

At regular events, product samples would be handed over to the participants, for them to feel and experience the product. With a virtual event, first-hand product experience was not possible. While the virtual event gave out all the necessary details of the product in terms of benefits and features, allowing the users to consume that information over an online event had to be solved.

The Solution

Wizcraft worked with the DigiBox platform to create an immersive simulation of the product experience and give the users access to different aspects of the product, through digital interaction.
A Marker based Spatial Augmented Reality experience was created, where users scanned a QR code to view the product in 3d with hotspots and links to benefits, videos, FAQs and even recipes. Users were then able to place the product in their environment and watch a 30 second animation where the nutrition story of the product was presented.

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An Augmented Invite to an Event