What is DigiBox?

  • Web Based Solution
  • Managed Service Model
  • Prebuilt and pre configured features
  • Hosted on cloud with best practices for security
  • Realtime Dashboard for Analytics
  • Immersive experiences with Augmented, Virtual and Digital Experiences

Digital Experiences that create unique value

Marker Based AR

Upload and manage image targets that trigger or interact with WebAR content.

Location Based AR

A geo-based augmented reality that places a virtual object in the real environment.

Spatial AR

Using a Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) engine, you experience Six Degrees of Freedom (6-DoF), Lighting estimation, etc.

Product Launch/ Demo

Our 3D engine lets the user view your product virtually with a possibility of viewing them in AR or VR.

Product Configurator

Allow users to configure, generate a customised version and place an order, if your product has potential for configuration.

Solution Demo

Present visually engaging real world scenarios by incorporating consistent marketing messages inside immersive storytelling experiences, together with 3D Product Tours,

Virtual Tour

Experience Centers, ODCs, homes, offices or any type of space can be embedded with controls to look around, hot spots for description, view in VR and teleport within the space.

Virtual Store

Add a layer of navigation and exploration by embedding your products in a virtual store. A step in between a physical and e-commerce shopping experience.

Facial Tracking

Create high quality face filters that utilize the full power of the open web and work everywhere. Face Effects can be experienced across all devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktops with no app required!

How does it work


Create immersive experiences with AR, VR and Digital Interactions, all on the web


Take your campaign live on
< yourbrand >.digibox.live OR your own domain


Promote the link/ QR code through your existing distribution and media channels



Users click or scan to reach the page and immerse with your content


Engage users with configurable features like chat, social share, notifications


Learn and measure your campaign effectiveness with our real time analytics dashboard

Who is Digibox for ?

White Label For Enterprises

Create solution demos, product demos, product configurators, virtual stores and AR integrated immersive experiences.

Latest News

Managed Service For Consumer Brands

We can help build and manage brand experiences at Pre Sale, Point of Sale and After Sale stages of your product sales cycle.

Latest News

Self Care For Agencies

Host, manage and engage your client's customers from launches, brand campaigns, live streaming and engagement zones.

Latest News

Configurable Features

What you get with DigiBox

A Web Based Solution

Experiences can be accessed through the web browsers on your phone. We have made sure its compatible and easy to use.

No Apps Download or Install

Because it’s all on the web, you don’t have to worry about creating different apps for different platforms.

A Managed Serviced Model

We have you covered from the domain name, server, ready to switch off/on features, content creation and analytics for better performance.

A Realtime Analytics Dashboard

Audience engagement data and Creative performance data available on a dashboard to view and alter in real time.

Rich Interactivity

9 types of immersive and interactive experiences to engage consumers across different stages of your product life cycle, from Pre- Sale, Point of Sale and even after sale.

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